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  • The International Year of Soils: Soils Support Buildings and Infrastructure
  • Released: May 26, 2015

    Soils Support Buildings and Infrastructure video

    Soils are a crucial component for agriculture and food production. Soils support all kinds of life. From an engineering perspective, soils are also important, as they provide the groundwork for any type of building or structure.
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  • Celebrating 25 Years of the Forest Stewardship Program
  • Released: May 21, 2015

    25 Years of Forest Stewardship Program video

    The Kansas landscape could be described as rather unique when considering how central hardwood forests meet the tallgrass prairie to produce an ecotone—a place of transition from one plant community to another.

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  • Stretching Dollars at the Meat Counter
  • Released: May 15, 2015

    We’ve all done it…. stood at the meat counter trying to figure out what to buy. And if we’re having guests, the decision is even more critical. Throw in the expense, especially if the wrong choice is made, and the process can be daunting.

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  • Report Finds Mandatory COOL Causes Meat Industry, Consumer Losses
  • Released: May 06, 2015

    MCOOL Update video

    Any policy that results in higher costs of compliance without a quantifiable benefit will likely have an adverse economic impact, and recent research shows mandatory country-of-origin labeling, or MCOOL, is one such policy.

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