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October 25, 2016

The ”Move and Clean” TV Challenge

Submitted by Tandalayo Kidd

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Fall is a time when many people start to prepare for the cooler weather as well as their favorite TV programs. Why don’t you try something different this fall? Take the “Move and Clean” TV challenge. No one will call you a couch potato again just because you openly admitted to watching three of your favorite shows in a row. Oh no! You will be able to rub it in their faces because this challenge will be a win-win-win for you. You will get to enjoy your favorite program(s) while increasing your physical activity and cleaning your house at the same time.

You may have heard about people doing stretches or lunges during commercial breaks. Well, this challenge puts a twist on that advice. For starters, you do something that increases your heart rate during the show such as walking, running, jumping, or anything you enjoy that increases your heart rate. And during commercial breaks, you clean something in the house. You could sweep, vacuum, mop, dust, wash dishes, laundry, etc. Once the program returns, you start back with your cardio activities, and you continue to alternate with the moving and cleaning for the duration of the program. If you plan to watch two programs in a row, you could do cardio during one program and strength/stretching exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups, squats, arm curls, etc. during another. Of course, you can have a mixture of cardio and strength/stretching exercises during the same show. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do for the physical activity, the point is by the time you are done watching one or more of your favorite TV shows, you will have worked your body for more than 30 minutes, and you will have a cleaner home. See, what did I tell you? It’s a win-win-win for you because you enjoyed your favorite program(s), worked out your body, and cleaned your house.

I think this news is worth celebrating. Why don’t you celebrate with your favorite TV show tonight? 

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