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July 25, 2017

Recruiting Board and PDC Members

Submitted by Laurie Chandler

This is the time of year to begin thinking about recruiting members for program development committees and boards. A tool is available to help board and PDC members and staff -- Recruiting Board and PDC Members board leadership module.

The module provides a step-by-step guide to help identify potential board and PDC members. John Forshee, River Valley District Director, says "the Board Recruitment Module helped our board discuss characteristics of effective leaders. We were then able to identify potential new board members that were encouraged to file for election in our district. The result was an engaged board that better represents a cross section of our population."

This is one of 14 modules developed to help Extension Board members enhance their leadership skills. As part of the monthly board meeting, or though self-directed learning, board members can explore topics of vital importance for effective leadership. To learn more, go to the Board Leadership website.