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September 12, 2017

Reimagining Extension: Launching K-State Research and Extension in a Positive Direction

Submitted by Ashley Fitzsimmons

Anyone interested in K-State Research and Extension is welcome to attend Scott Peters’ seminar, “Reimagining Extension,” on Wednesday, September 20. This seminar could launch K-State Research and Extension in a positive direction.

Scott Peters’ research focus is based on community research, learning, and development. He seeks to better understand the ways academic professionals serve not only as a means of solving problems, but along with facilitating human and community development and growth. Peters seeks to comprehend and navigate conflicts and dilemmas when academic professionals and non-academic partners engage with each other. In addition, he strives to improve higher education’s public engagement mission that help support and enhance people’s voices, values and capacities.

Peters’ seminar will be a great transition for Associate Director for Cooperative Extension Gregg Hadley’s “Listening Sessions.” These sessions are open to the public and will begin after the Kansas State Fair and running through the end of the year. “We need to listen to the people we serve, our partners and each other as we develop our future,” says Gregg Hadley.

Scott Peters will deliver a seminar on “Reimagining Extension” on Wednesday, September 20, from 1:30-3:30 p.m. at the Kansas Department of Agriculture. This presentation will be made available to all, in person, streaming online, and recorded. For live streaming please refer to this link: http://ome.ksu.edu/services/dash/live_webcast_1.html. This seminar is part of a larger program known as The Leading Change Institute, taking place September 20-21. The Institute marks the launch of the interdisciplinary PhD in Leadership Communication that is accepting applications for students to begin in fall of 2018. Another key piece of the Institute is the “Community-Engaged Scholarship” seminar with all Institute speakers on Thursday, September 21, at 4 p.m. in Town Hall in Leadership Studies on Kansas State University’s campus. This seminar is also open to the public.

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