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April 27, 2015

Filesender - Our New Large File Transfer Service

Submitted by Joe Lear

(Last Modified by:srobinso)
We’ve hosted our own large file transfer service for several years. It’s limited to 1 GB of data and is hard for people outside of K-State to use when they send files to us. As a member of Internet2 and InCommons community we have access to a large file transfer service called filesender. Filesender allows us to log in using our eID and password and we can send up to 1 TB of files to anyone with an email address.

For people sending files to us, a guest voucher can be sent which is good for a maximum of 14 days. Each voucher is good for a one-time transfer of files. If more files need to be sent or the 14 days expire, a new voucher will have to be sent. This system is more secure because we know who is sending us files by sending the vouchers to their email address.

To log in go to http://filesender.ksu.edu and click the Log on button. You’ll be asked to enter your organization’s name. Start typing Kansas State University and it will appear in the list. Select Kansas State University from the list and click the Continue button. You’ll be taken to the K-State sign in page to enter your eID and password.

Once logged in you can enter the email addresses of the people you want to send the file to, enter a subject for the message about the file, any message you like, set the expiration date for the file and then upload the file. If you’re sending multiple files, you’ll have to zip the files into one file or send multiple messages. Once you’ve uploaded the file, the checkbox next to “I accept the terms and conditions of the service” and hit the send button.

For Guest vouchers, click the Guest voucher button, enter the email address of the person you want the voucher to go to, enter a subject line, message, and expiration date and send the voucher. In this view you can keep track of the vouchers and delete them if necessary.

To manage your files, click the My Files button and you will see the list of files you’ve sent and can manage them appropriately.

There is a help button in the system, but you should find the system easy to use.

With this new option for large file transfer, we will be shutting down our hosted Large File transfer system on July 1. If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please let me know. --Joe Lear