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August 18, 2015

NCR-SARE Grant Opportunities

Submitted by Kerri Ebert

North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (NCR-SARE) has three open Calls for Proposals and one open Call for Preproposals that may be of interest to Extension agents and specialists.

Research and Education Grants provide funds to collaborative teams of scientists, farmers/ranchers, institutions, organizations, and educators who are exploring sustainable agriculture through research projects or education/demonstration projects. Preproposal deadline is October 22, 2015; maximum award is $200,000.

Partnership Grants foster cooperation between agriculture professionals and small groups of farmers/ranchers to catalyze on-farm research, demonstration, and education activities related to sustainable agriculture. Deadline for full proposals is October 29, 2015 with a maximum award of $30,000.

Youth Educator Grants are awarded to youth educators to teach young people about sustainable agriculture practices. Examples of youth educators include but are not limited to: professional educators, farmers/ranchers, home-schoolers, other youth, and educators from non-profit organizations. Deadline for full proposals is November 12, 2015; maximum award is $2,000.

Farmer/Rancher Grants provide opportunities for farmers/ranchers to use sustainable agriculture practices and their own innovative ideas to solve problems on the farm or ranch and to share those ideas. There are three types of Farmer/Rancher Grants: Individual grants for up to $7,500; Team of Two grants for two farmers/ranchers from separate and distinct operations who are working together for up to $15,000; and Group grants for three or more farmers/ranchers from separate and distinct operations who are working together for up to $22,500. Farmer/Rancher Grant applicants are encouraged to involve cooperators such as extension agents, conservationists, crop consultants to assist with project planning, evaluation, and outreach.

Information about all NCR-SARE programs is available at www.northcentralsare.org.

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