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May 15, 2018

Kansas Joint Council of Extension Professionals (KS-JCEP)

Submitted by Rachael Boyle

The Kansas Extension Agent Association is in the transition process to the Kansas Joint Council of Extension Professionals. Kansas Extension Professionals that are currently active in a partner association recognized by the National Joint Council of Extension Professionals are members of the Kansas Joint Council of Extension Professionals.

Those serving as officers and comprising the Executive Committee are as follows:

President - Rachael Boyle (KACAA)
President Elect - Nancy Honig (KEAFCS)
Secretary/Treasurer - Chris Petty (KACAA)
Past President - Jill Martinson (KAE4-HA)
Vice Presidents - Sarah Keatley (KAE4-HA), John Forshee (ESP), Krista Harding (KACAA), Jan Steen (KACDEP), and Ethel Schneweis (KEAFCS)

Each partner organization has two additional association representatives that serve on the Kansas Joint Council of Extension Professionals Board of Directors along with the Executive Committee members.

Those serving are as follows:

John Jobe (KAE4-HA), Candis Meerpohl (KAE4-HA), Dennis Patton (KACAA), Jeff Wilson (KACAA), Marlin Bates (KACDEP), David Key (KACDEP), Susan Johnson (KAEFCS), and Donna Krug (KAEFCS). Epsilon Sigma Phi (ESP) still needs to select two representatives.

There are standing committees and association representatives have stepped up to leadership positions of Chair and Chair-elect for an 18 month period of time. The committees and the chair and chair-elect are as follows:

Association Awareness/Membership Recruitment: Chair - John Forshee (ESP) and Chair-elect - Jennifer Wilson (KACDEP)
Finance: Chair - Chris Petty (KACAA) and Chair-elect - to be determined
Marketing and Outreach: Chair - Kylee Ludwig (KAEFCS) and Chair-elect - to be determined
Professional Development: Chair - Nancy Daniels (KACDEP) and Chair-elect - Debra Bolten (KAEFCS)
Employee Relations: Chair - Jill Martinson (KAE4-HA) and Chair-elect - Rachael Boyle (KACAA)

All members will have the opportunity to serve on these committees and get involved. The Board of Directors set a September 1, 2018 date to have committee assignments determined by and decided that each KS-JCEP member organization would be represented on every KS-JCEP committee. Please contact Nancy Honig for more information.

2019 KS-JCEP dues have been set at $5 per member of each KS-JCEP member organization, payable to KS-JCEP during the 2019 year. Chris Petty is working on creating suggested wording to update member organizations bylaws.

KS-JCEP hosted new Extension employees at a luncheon on March 7, 2018 at the Little Apple Brewery in Manhattan. Another luncheon is planned for August 8, 2018.

KS-JCEP Board of Directors will meet with Extension Administration on a date yet to be determined. Agenda items at this point include:

- Restoration of the state portion of agent salaries to pre-2016 cutback levels,
- Restructuring of state level Extension administration,
- Restoration of state 4-H funding, and
- Where is Extension going in the next 15 years.

To stay up-to-date on all KS-JCEP happenings, please visit the following link: https://www.ksre.k-state.edu/agent_association/kansas-extension/index.html.

If you have any suggestions, concerns, and/or information to pass along, please contact one of the Executive Committee members.