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October 23, 2018

Shout Out: Annual Conference 2018 Planning Committee

Submitted by Gregg Hadley

This week’s Shout Out is from Dan Devlin. He would like to thank the Annual Conference 2018 Planning Committee for making last week’s conference such a success.

Being a member of the Annual Conference Planning Committee is a big job. The duties of the planning committee – which includes representatives of our professional associations, administration, specialists, and Global Campus event planners – starts almost immediately following the annual conference of one year and continues through until next year’s conference. Along the way, they analyze what worked well and what didn’t at the previous year’s conference, determine the theme of the upcoming conference, establish goals for the conference, find keynote speakers, solicit proposals for our concurrent sessions, make decisions regarding the concurrent sessions, and a host of other planning activities.

Please join me in thanking our Annual Conference 2018 Planning Committee: Doug Beech, Rachael Boyle, Marty Draper, Debbie Hagenmaier, Krista Harding, Gloria Holcombe, Sharolyn Jackson, Jaime Menon, Susan Metzger, Dennis Patton, Kaitlin Peine, Paula Peters, Jamie Rathbun, Nadine Sigle, Stacey Warner, Wade Weber, and Erin Yelland.

If you know of a colleague or colleagues that deserve a Shout Out, please send me the name(s) of the colleague(s) and the reason why they are so deserving to ghadley@ksu.edu.