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August 6, 2019

College of Agriculture Diversity Programs Office Update

Submitted by Dr. Zelia Wiley & Lonnie Hobbs, Jr.

Project Impact Kompass Has Begun!

The Project Impact Kompass Program is a three-day intensive bridge program designed to accelerate academic success for incoming freshmen multicultural students in agriculture, business and engineering. Out of the fifty students invited, College of Agriculture has 11 incoming freshmen. The program includes a Guaranteed 4.0 training, K-State Challenge Course, team-building activities, workshops and professional etiquette classes. This is an opportunity for the students to gain lifelong skills such as dinning etiquette, professional networking skills and team building. The program extends into the first academic year, with mentors, professional development and academic monitoring. After completing the Guaranteed 4.0 training, Kompass students are now eligible for a $1,000 Kompass Academic Transitional (KAT) scholarship in their freshman year.

The following students are members of the 2019 Kompass College of Agriculture Cohort:
Alexis Baughman, Altamont, KS; Anabel Contreras, Wichita Falls, TX; Christopher Lewey, Kansas City, MO; Jessica Gottesburen, Lenexa, KS; Joscelyn Beckstrom, Garden City, KS; Malik Jenkins, Kansas City, KS; Mikaela Jackson, Olathe, KS; Maria Hazelbaker, Wentzville, MO; Megan Anguiano, Abilene, KS; and Sabine Hoff, Denver, CO.

Please continue to look for more diversity news and events as we continue to advertise. We appreciate your support. For more information about upcoming events or to collaborate with the DPO, please call 785-532-5793 or contact the DPO staff Lonnie Hobbs, Jr. or Dr. Zelia Wiley, Assistant Dean.