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K-State Research and Extension
123 Umberger Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-3401

October 15, 2019

November 1 is the Deadline to Apply for the Griffith Memorial Scholarship

Submitted by Laurie Chandler

KSRE employees enrolled in graduate study at K-State are encouraged to apply for the K-State Research and Extension - Paul W. Griffith Memorial Scholarship. The purpose of the $1,000 scholarship is to provide assistance to outstanding Research and Extension employees pursuing graduate study (either on campus or via distance education) at Kansas State University. KSRE employees with a primary Extension appointment pursuing an advanced degree at Kansas State University are eligible to apply.

Criteria to be considered in ranking competing applications:

  • Program of study leading to an advanced degree has been developed.
  • Sabbatical leave has been approved.
  • If not on sabbatical leave, enrolled in a multi-course program where at least two or more courses are being taken at the same time.
  • Other tuition assistance programs are not covering the cost.
  • Has not previously been awarded the Griffith Scholarship.

To apply, send a letter of interest and supporting materials to address the above criteria to:

Gregg Hadley, Director for Extension
123 Umberger Hall
1612 Claflin Road
Manhattan, KS 66506-3401,
Phone: 785-532-5820

For more information, check out the Financial Assistance Summary.

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