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January 14, 2020

Difficult News Regarding a Colleague

Submitted by Gregg Hadley

This past weekend Jeff Wilson passed away.

Jeff was our friend, colleague, Stanton County agent, president of the Kansas Association of County Agricultural Agents (KACAA), and fellow Difference Maker. Jeff was a very hard working Extension professional whose impact was felt by all those he served in Stanton County, Hamilton County, and our profession.

I had the pleasure of working with Jeff while working with him and several other agents from southwest Kansas on a strategic planning process. I also went to the PILD Conference with him where he served as the representative for KACAA. Jeff tended to be quiet and thoughtful, but, when he spoke, you listened, as he usually said something that was simultaneously practical and profound.

I know you will keep Jeff, his family, Stanton County office professional Cara Richardson, and everyone that Jeff has impacted in his all-too-short life in your thoughts. As you are thinking about them, I also encourage you to think about the relationship you have with your office colleagues. We often do not tell our colleagues how much they mean to us. Please take this opportunity to tell them how much you appreciate their work, support, and friendship.

We will keep you posted regarding memorial opportunities and memorial services for Jeff as these are made known to us.