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June 2, 2020

Tuesday Tidbits from the KSRE Stress and Resiliency Team

Submitted by Bradley Dirks

In times of high stress, loss of control, and diminished sleep and activity, we are more prone to BURNOUT which leads to increased feelings of anger, sadness, irritability and loss of enjoyment in everyday activities. Sounds a lot like depression right? It is often difficult to differentiate between the feelings of burnout and stress or depression. Burnout results from an extended period of stress that feels like it is never going to end. In the identification of burnout it is easier to look back and discover those feeling than when we are in the middle of the experience. Unfortunately, others around us are more likely to see it occurring and recognize the symptoms in us before we do!

What contributes to burnout:

              *loss of control

              *seeing no end in sight to your current stressors

              *lack of sense of purpose

              *physical exhaustion

              *responsibility without control

Identifying the signs and symptoms early in the experience is important in the correction of your course before you feel like there is no way out. Identification can then be followed by intervention. Some of the tools I have found to be useful are:

*Do something fun and different; if you spend work time at your computer, don't spend your evening on the computer

*Schedule regular breaks from work with intention; don't wait until you are exhausted

*Nurture your relationships

*Be active in meaningful activities

*Find someone you trust to talk about your frustration/feelings

Ultimately, success in our relationships and work will be significantly impacted by our ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage our emotions. (These “Tuesday Tidbits” columns have reminded us of ways to work toward emotional and physical wellness including mindfulness, healthy diet, exercise, and building relationships.) It is usually wise to not make major life decisions when you are in the middle of a time of high stress or burnout! Take inventory today or ask someone you trust if they have seen signs of burnout in you!

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