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June 16, 2020

Senior Health Insurance for Kansas (SHICK) Training

Submitted by Debra Wood


Agents who are interested in completing training to become a SHICK Counselor can find information and instructions on the process at https://kdads.ks.gov/commissions/commission-on-aging/medicare-programs/shick/shick-coordinator-counselor-information/shick-initial-training-courses.

After completing the partner application, interview, and background check, applicants complete three online components and testing prior to attending a one-day in-person training to initially become certified. The application process (application, interview, and background check) must be completed before access is granted to the online materials, and this takes some time. The online modules generally take at least a full day to complete. In subsequent years counselors must complete a one-day in-person update to maintain certification.

In-person dates for both the initial and update training are typically posted in April and are linked from the above website. At this point, due to COVID-19, they have not been posted. It is unknown whether in-person options will be available or if these will all be virtual this year. The Family Resource Management Program Focus Team (FRM PFT) is working with the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services to host a virtual update training this year for Extension agents who have been previously trained. Once confirmed that information will be sent out to our SHICK Listserv.

Agents who become SHICK Counselors are given access to an Extension listserv and Teams channel. If you become certified, please contact Elizabeth Kiss at dekiss4@k-state.edu so that you can be added to these resources. A list of current K-State Research and Extension SHICK contacts can be found at https://www.k-state.edu/family-finances/shickmap.pdf. Feel free to contact anyone on the list with questions, or to inquire about shadowing as you are learning.