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August 16, 2022

Professional Development Plans

Submitted by Elizabeth Kiss

It will soon be time to create professional development plans for the upcoming program year, October 1, 2022-September 30, 2023. The Program Leader Coordinator (PLC) team encourages you to include a mix of opportunities that address basic core competencies and subject matter knowledge competencies in your plans. Members of the PLC team include Rick Peterson, Laurie Chandler, Cheryl Boyer, Trudy Rice and Elizabeth Kiss.

Program Focus Teams (PFTs) provide basic knowledge and professional development opportunities for all agents who want to do programming in a subject area. Other subject area professional development may be offered through specific programming efforts, the Transdisciplinary Teams (TDTs), and participation at professional conferences among other sources.

The PLC team has made the decision that the Agent Update in August 2022 (historically known as FCS Update) will be the final professional development event of this type. There will be no Agent Update in February 2023 or August 2023.

To better understand the current level of subject area knowledge and needs for future subject area professional development, the PLC team will engage our system in a process of identifying basic subject area competencies and assessing needs for professional development to support these competencies. We intend to gather input from agents, specialists and stakeholders with the end goal of jointly creating a framework and process that supports the needs of our system.