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March 28, 2023

Shout Out: Lynn Loughary

Submitted by Gregg Hadley

This Shout Out comes from Mark Stadtlander, Publishing Director in the Department of Communications and Ag Education, and is sent for Lynn Loughary, Horticulture Agent in Wyandotte County. Mark writes:

"I would like to offer a shout out to a group who worked together to quickly serve a local need. Lynn Loughary, horticulture agent, Wyandotte County, recognized that the K-State Research and Extension publication, “Gardening on Lead-Contaminated Soils” would be useful in her community if translated to Spanish.

Lynn reached out to the authors, Deann Presley and Ganga Hettiarachchi, who found valuable resources in two Spanish-speaking graduate students who have working knowledge in soils to help translate the materials. Translator Eduardo Gutierrez Brito and reviewer Gustavo Roa Acosta worked quickly to get the materials translated and back to my team.

Because Lynn recognized a need and the team in agronomy quickly assembled a team of experts, there is now a Spanish-language version of a valuable publication available.

Gardening on Lead-Contaminated Soils (https://bookstore.ksre.ksu.edu/pubs/mf3166.pdf)
Jardinería en suelos contaminados con plomo (https://bookstore.ksre.ksu.edu/pubs/mf3166S.pdf)"

Lynn and the team in Agronomy, thanks for all you do for the people of Kansas, our colleagues and K-State Research and Extension.

If you know of a colleague or team of colleagues who deserve recognition for a job well done, why not nominate them for a Shout Out. Simply send their name(s) and the reason for the Shout Out to ksreshoutout@ksu.edu. Also, it would be very helpful if you would put "Shout Out" in the subject line of the email.