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April 11, 2023

Shout Out: Karen Blakeslee

Submitted by Gregg Hadley

This Shout Out comes from Lisa Newman, Central Kansas District Family and Community Wellness Agent, and is sent for Karen Blakeslee, Extension Associate and Rapid Response Center Coordinator. Lisa writes:

"I want to give Karen Blakeslee a Shout Out for the countless hours and support she offers to agents. The most recent example I can share is the (2) three-day intensive food preservation workshops she held for agents in March. We learned the science behind food preservation, as well as safe methods of preserving various types of foods. As an agent new to this programming area, this hands-on workshop provided such a strong foundation for me to continue growing and learning from.

The enormous amount of prep, packing/unpacking, guidance and expertise cannot be measured. I'm just so grateful. We are fortunate to have someone like Karen in our system.

This is just a sample of what was prepared in the workshop!"

Karen, thanks for all you do for the people of Kansas, our colleagues and K-State Research and Extension.

If you know of a colleague or team of colleagues who deserve recognition for a job well done, why not nominate them for a Shout Out. Simply send their name(s) and the reason for the Shout Out to ksreshoutout@ksu.edu. Also, it would be very helpful if you would put "Shout Out" in the subject line of the email.