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May 2, 2023

Extension Updates

Submitted by Mark Stadtlander

Encarsia Formosa: Biological Control Agent of the Greenhouse Whitefly. MF3621. Raymond Cloyd. This publication discusses biology and behavior, commercial availability, use in greenhouses, and quality assessment of Encarsia formosa.

Cow/Calf Record Book. MF185. Sandy Johnson and Bob Weaber. The “International letter for year of birth” table was updated in this handy recordkeeping book.

Crop Insects in Kansas. S152. Holly Davis et al. Want to learn more about what insects are eating your crops? This book has the answers. Updated with pests that are becoming more prevalent in Kansas.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Beef Company Marketing Claims FAQs. MF3619. Katie Lybarger et al. When marketing your beef to consumers, what claims are you allowed to make? Misrepresent your product or misuse marketing terms and the USDA will have a beef with you.

Legal Requirements for Business-to-Consumer Beef Sales. MF3620. Katie Lybarger et al. Are you interested in the three main ways to sell beef to consumers from your business? This new publication addresses questions about these methods.

Kansas Garden Guide. S51. Rebecca McMahon et al. Successful gardens are the result of good planning, watchful care, and effective management. With a few simple tools, a little land (or a lot of containers), and a desire to nurture plant growth, anyone can become a home vegetable gardener. This guide provides you with the advice and steps needed to achieve a successful home garden. The Kansas Garden Guide combines knowledge gained from decades of gardening, making it an essential sourcebook to garden throughout communities in Kansas.

Sorghum Growth and Development. MF3234. Ignacio Ciampitti and Ana Carcedo. This recently updated poster illustrates the growth stages of sorghum.