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May 23, 2023

Local Extension Unit Salary Contribution to Increase

Submitted by Chris Onstad

Every year for as long as I can remember, the amount that K-State Research and Extension contributes to allocated extension agent positions has been based off the amount that the state legislature increases state employee salaries. The exceptions are when there were funding recalls or extreme budget shortfalls.

For FY2024 beginning this coming July, that amount is an increase of approximately 2.5%.

The contribution for the higher funded positions will increase to $19,370 per year and the lower amount will increase to $11,960 per year. The agent positions fully funded by local extension units or have alternative funding partners will continue to receive $1,500 per year.

These numbers should be useful for boards and local unit directors as they refine their local extension budgets.

Do we wish it was more? Absolutely, as the cost of living far exceeds this amount. However it is an increased contribution to local extension units that we should appreciate from our legislators that face difficult decisions when allocating tax funds.