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KSRE Tuesday Letter

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April 21, 2015

Server Updates Scheduled for April 22-27

Submitted by Joe Lear

As part of our effort to maintain the KSRE servers and applications while we make the transition to the K-State CMS and servers in the Hale library data center, we will be making adjustments and updates to the KSRE servers in the Umberger data center from April 22-27. There is no planned down time while the updates are completed but if you should notice any issues during or after the updates are complete please let us know.

These updates should not affect access to the KSRE websites or access to the K-State CMS. You can continue to work on the transition of your sites as the server updates occur.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we make the transition to central servers and services and everyone at Information Technology Services is working hard to provide KSRE faculty and staff with the service and support needed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. --Joe Lear