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April 21, 2015

KSRE Adobe Connect Service Ending May 1

Submitted by Joe Lear

If you still need to make recording of your previous Adobe Connect sessions, you have until May 1 to make them. After May 1, the service will be discontinued in favor of using Zoom.us for web conferencing. Zoom is centrally provided service for all faculty and staff at Kansas State University.

If you need to save your Connect recordings, follow the procedure that Gerry Snyder has put together at Saving Connect Recordings.

The K-State Zoom web conferencing system allows you to schedule rooms on your own for meetings up to 25 people. For meetings which require 100 seats or 500 seats, you will need to schedule those through Shelley Troyer, shelleytroyer@ksu.edu. We have purchased two additional licenses for the 100 seat meeting rooms and one additional license for the 500 seat webinar room for use by KSRE and the College of Agriculture. When reserving a 100 seat room or a 500 seat webinar, send an email to learj@ksu.edu, gsnyder@ksu.edu, and copy shelleytroyer@ksu.edu so we can get one of the licenses assigned to you. Please let us know at least one week ahead of needing the webinar or large meeting rooms. These are in addition to the four 100 seat licenses and the one 500 seat webinar license that everyone in the University can use.

Zoom has many of the same features as Connect including screen sharing, chat, and recording your meetings. By default the recordings are stored on the local computer, but a recent update allows you to store your recordings in the cloud and make them available. To allow cloud recording you need to log in to https://ksu.zoom.us with your eID and password, click on My Profile and enable cloud recording under recording options. When you click record in a meeting you will have the option to save your recording to the cloud. Cloud recording is limited to 1 GB for the entire University and each recording is limited to 200 playbacks or downloads per month. Look at using cloud recording for webinars or meetings that need a short time on line and delete the video when it’s no longer needed. For sessions that need to stay available for a longer period of time, record the session locally, then make the recording available through MediaSite or share via OneDrive.

Resources for Zoom are available from:

Accessing Zoom
Tech Tip on Zoom Web Conferencing
Handout on Zoom
Zoom Support Center

If you have questions about moving your recordings form the Adobe Connect system, please contact Gerry Snyder, gsnyder@ksu.edu. If you have questions about the Zoom web conferencing system, please contact Shelley Troyer, shelleytroyer@ksu.edu. --Joe Lear