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KSRE Tuesday Letter

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June 23, 2015

Five Local Units and Two KSRE State Webs have moved to the K-State CMS

Submitted by Joe Lear

The local units of Ellis, Finney, Pottawatomie, Scott, and Seward have moved to the K-State CMS.

Congratulations to faculty and staff on making the move and thank you for all the effort that went into moving the site. Please take time to look at the updated sites and how they’ve used the K-State CMS in creating the new sites.

We’d also like to congratulate Karen Blakeslee for her efforts in moving the Extension Food Safety and the Kansas Value Added Food Lab sites to the K-State CMS. A great deal of time and effort was put into moving these sites, and it is greatly appreciated.

We know there are several more local units and KSRE state wide sites that are ready to make the move to the K-State CMS in the coming week. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s site and we appreciate the work everyone is putting in to moving their sites to the K-State CMS.

July 1 is quickly approaching and now is the time to make your final preparations in having your sites ready to move. We know everyone has projects and events going on this time of year, and we’re glad to see that faculty and staff are able to dedicate time in their busy schedules to make the move to the K-State CMS.

As you’re preparing your site for the move, Julie Fosberg has some helpful hints before having your site published:

  • Make sure there are no links back to your local unit site in the KSRE CMS
  • Documents and Images have been uploaded to your site in the K-State CMS
  • If you want to use the events calendar in your site send an email to calendar@ksu.edu
  • If you want to add social media feeds before the site goes live, contact Julie at jfosberg@k-state.edu

If you still have questions, please contact Julie Fosberg, jfosberg@k-state.edu; Gary Kepka, gkepka@ksu.edu; David Dunn, dedunn@ksu.edu; or Steve Spencer, sspencer@ksu.edu.

If your site has moved and we haven’t recognized you, please let us know; we want to celebrate your move and thank you for the time and effort the faculty and staff in your office have dedicated to moving your site to the K-State CMS.

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