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August 4, 2015

Kansas Ag Lease Law and Fence Law Publications to be Updated

Submitted by Forrest Buhler

A team is being developed to update two Extension Ag Law Series publications: “Kansas Agricultural Lease Law” (C-668) and “Kansas Fence Law” (C-663). Robin Reid, Extension Associate with the KSU Department of Agricultural Economics, has asked Forrest Buhler, Staff Attorney for the Kansas Agricultural Mediation Services (KAMS), to lead the effort. Forrest has put together a team of three other attorneys: Karen McIlvain, of the McIlvain Law Office, Madison/Eureka, KS, who specializes in agricultural law; Derrick Roberson, Arthur-Green, LLP, Manhattan, KS, who is well versed in farm leases; and Bernard Irvine, who teaches Ag Law at KSU and is in private practice in Manhattan with Morrison, Frost, Olsen, Irvine & Schartz, LLP.

The team will also include Extension Agents. These two publications are widely used by Agents in educating constituents, so Agents’ perspectives and needs will be important to the process. Besides updating the publications with current court cases and statutes, we will want to look at specific situations that need to be covered that are not in the current publication, as well as typical cases that Agents have dealt with in the past where questions have arisen.

If you are interested in being on the team or providing input, please contact Forrest at fbuhler@ksu.edu or by phone at KAMS, 785-532-6958.