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August 11, 2015

Livestock PFT Invites Ag Agents to Program Planning Meeting

Submitted by Sandy Johnson

All interested agents are invited to join the Livestock PFT for a program planning meeting on August 25, at the Agricultural Research Center in Hays from 9:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. Please RSVP to Norma at the SWREC, cantu@ksu.edu or 620-275-9164, by August 18, to plan for meals and materials.

Primary goals for this meeting are as follows:
• Familiarize agents with specialists training and focus areas
• Share programs ideas from PDCs and others from agents needs assessment
• Determine date ranges and proposed locations for multi-location meetings – Winter Ranch Management, Calving Schools, Heifer Development
• Share successful programs from the past year (handout, content dependent on agent contributions)

Your preparation prior to this meeting will help it be more successful! Specific actions agents should take prior to the meeting are listed below.

To prepare, agents should have discussions with their PDC’s (formal or informal) on program ideas and with surrounding agents regarding co-hosting larger meetings (Winter Ranch Management).

One of the goals of the meeting will be to develop a draft plan of dates and locations for Calving Schools and Heifer Development emphasis meetings. If you think your county or district would like to host a calving school or a heifer development program please indicate that interest to Sandy, sandyj@ksu.edu, or 785-462-6281, prior to the meeting and/or come prepared to talk locations and general dates at the meeting. Our goal will be to group dates and locations into logical travel groupings. Requests for these programs after this date may be more difficult to fill.

Calving School Base program – Part A) Winter cow nutrition: preparing for a healthy calf, 30 – 40 minutes, Area Specialist; Part B) Understanding normal parturition and providing assistance; 45 minutes – 1 hour depending on questions, Dr David Rethorst, BCI. Time period November – January.

Heifer Development Program could include one or more of the following segments: Nutritional Management, Genetics/Selection, Reproduction, and/or Economics. Time period, Fall - Spring.

Winter Ranch Management topics and locations will also be discussed; proposing to repeat similar program at four to no more than six locations across the state. Further discussion will occur on the 25th but as a starting point, estimate a half day program, three to four live speakers in conjunction with a meal. Topics and other details will be discussed that day. Locations should be able to draw a minimum of 40 attendees and work cooperatively with neighboring agents to promote.

As agents, one of the most important aspects of our job is to bring quality programs to the producers we serve. In order to share programming ideas, we ask for you to briefly describe a recent successful program(s). Please email to Neil Cates, Agent PFT leader, ncates@ksu.edu, by August 21. We will compile these into one file and share at the meeting. See the following examples:

EPD and Bull Selection Workshop (Neil Cates, Post-Rock, ncates@ksu.edu, 785-738-3597) -
The EPD and Bull Selection Workshop focused on evaluating the goals of producers' operations and selecting the genetics to best suit those goals. Participants learned how to evaluate bulls using EPD’s to select the best genetics for their environment, management style, and marketing options. Participants gained a better understanding of genetic selection tools that are available and how to use them to manage their genetic risk and improve their operation.

Pasture and Water Management Field Day (Neil Cates, Post-Rock, ncates@ksu.edu, 785-738-3597) -
This was a three hour program focused on pasture management and improvement of water sources. It was located in a cooperator's pasture. Topics covered included: measuring your pasture production, drought contingency planning, determining stocking rates, early weaning, alternative watering systems and pond management/renovation.

If you have questions, please contact Neil Cates or Sandy Johnson. Complete agenda was sent to the Ag Agents list.