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May 10, 2016

Just 4 Easy Steps to Get 4-H Impact Data

Submitted by Jill Martinson

Be a part of the 2016 Kansas 4-H Impact Study. To get started, just complete these four simple steps:
1) Decide where and when you want to distribute the survey. You can do this face-to-face such as a club meeting or send an email with an online link for youth to fill out. Remember that the State 4-H program is going to administer the survey at Discovery Days, so you might want to concentrate on 8-12-year-olds locally.

2) Visit and read the documents posted on the Kansas 4-H restricted website at 4-H Youth Program Evaluation. The site contains the instrument and assent forms for you to pass out to young people locally, and a sample email with the survey link for you to share with youth/families if you decide to distribute the survey electronically. Plus it contains step-by-step instructions on how to administer the surveys.

3) Return all completed surveys to the State 4-H Office to the address provided on the website protocol.

4) Receive your report, newsletters and impact statements this fall to share with Extension Board members, stakeholders and the public!