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July 19, 2016

Water Quality Professional Development for Agents – Held in Manhattan on October 4 and 5, 2016

Submitted by Susan Brown

Water Quality Professional Development will be offered for agents that are interested in learning more about surface water quality. The training will involve topics such as TMDLs, cropland and livestock runoff, streambank stabilization and private drinking water wells, in addition to understanding the role of extension with other state and federal agencies. The tentative agenda includes:

• "What is the quality of Kansas surface waters? What are TMDLs and water quality standards? Understanding WRAPS." Tom Stiles, Amanda Reed, KDHE
• "What is a watershed? Controlling erosion and sediment." Aleksey Sheshukov, KSRE
• "Understanding streambank stabilization techniques and riparian buffers." Charlie Barden, KSRE
• "Understanding cropland runoff and controlling nutrient loss." Nathan Nelson, KSRE
• "Understanding livestock runoff." Joel DeRouchey, KSU
• "Managing feeding sites and confined livestock operations for control of pollutants." Joe Harner and Watershed Specialists, KSRE
• "Private drinking water, wellhead protection, and water testing." Lisa Davies, Health Department
• "Understanding urban stormwater runoff and urban issues." Trisha Moore, KSU
• "Understanding Extension’s role in WRAPS." Ron Graber, Herschel George, Stacie Minson, Carl Garten, KSRE
• "Understanding NRCS, FSA, DOC, WRAPS, and agency roles. Understanding Extension’s interaction with federal, state and local partners." Peter Tomlinson, KSRE

This event will be held in Manhattan on October 4 and 5. One hotel night will be provided (October 4, double occupancy), along with lunch both days and breakfast on October 5.

Go to the website, http://www.kcare.k-state.edu/water-quality-training/index.html, for more information and registration. Contact Charlie Barden, cbarden@ksu.edu; or Aleksey Sheshukov, ashesh@ksu.edu, for more information.

Last date to register is July 28, 2016.

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