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July 19, 2016

Water Quantity/Irrigation Professional Development for Agents – Held in Garden City on August 24, and in Conjunction with the Southwest Field Day August 25

Submitted by Susan Brown

Water Quantity/Irrigation Professional Development will be offered for agents that are interested in more information about aquifer quantity and irrigation management. It will be held August 24 and 25, in Garden City. The last day to register is July 28. Register at http://www.kcare.k-state.edu/water-quantity-training/index.html.

This training will involve topics such as the Kansas Water Budget, groundwater and the High Plains aquifer basics, irrigation basics, trends and management strategies, Water Law, policies and state and federal water agencies.

The tentative agenda includes:

• "The Kansas Water Budget" - Danny Rogers, KSRE

  • Types of water uses
  • Sources of water supply
  • Water Primer Series

• "Groundwater Basics" - Jonathan Aguilar, KSRE

• "The High Plains Aquifer System, Development to Current Projections" - Jonathan Aguilar and Danny Rogers, KSRE
• "Irrigation Trends" - Danny Rogers, KSRE
• "Online Water Use Form" - M. Myer, DWR
• "Kansas Water Law and Policies” - M. Myer, DWR, Danny Rogers, and Bill Golden, KSRE

  • State and Federal Agencies
  • LEMA

• "Water Quality Basics - Groundwater and Surface Water" - F. Vocasek, ServiTech, and Aleksey Sheshukov, KSRE

• "Irrigation Basics” - Danny Rogers and Jonathan Aguilar, KSRE

  • Crop Water Use/Productivity
  • Soils
  • Irrigation Systems and Types
  • Irrigation Capacity and Efficiency

• "Irrigation Management Strategies” - Danny Rogers, Jonathan Aguilar and Isaya Kisekka, KSRE

  • ET Based Irrigation Scheduling
  • Soil Based Irrigation Scheduling
  • Plant Health Based Irrigation Scheduling

• "Irrigation Software Tools" - Jonathan Aguilar and Danny Rogers, KSRE

• Tour Wheatland Water Treatment Plant

• SWREC Field Day

• Visit Water Technology Demo Farm/s

This event will be held in Garden City on August 24 for training sessions, and August 25 in conjunction with the Southwest Field Day.

One hotel night will be provided (August 24, double occupancy), along with lunch both days and breakfast on August 25.

To register, go to the website, http://www.kcare.k-state.edu/water-quantity-training/index.html.

Contact Jonathan Aguilar, jaguilar@ksu.edu; or Danny Rogers, drogers@ksu.edu; for more information.

Last date to register is July 28, 2016.

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