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September 20, 2016

Register for Improving Wheat Grazing Management Using Canopeo Webinar

Submitted by Lana Barkman

This webinar will introduce the new Canopeo application for mobile devices to better manage cattle grazing in dual purpose wheat systems common in the southern Great Plains. In the first part of the webinar, Dr. Patrignani will describe the history, user guidelines, applications, and limitations of Canopeo. In the second part of the webinar, Dr. Lollato will describe management principles of dual purpose wheat pastures and how to optimize pasture grazing using the Canopeo application.

Dr. Andres Patrignani is an assistant professor in soil water processes at Kansas State University and is one of the creators of the Canopeo application. His research is focused on multi-scale soil moisture monitoring, modeling plant available water under water-limited wheat cropland, and the development of decision-support tools that incorporate soil moisture information.

Dr. Romulo Lollato’s research and extension efforts are focused on management practices to improve wheat and forages enterprise productivity and profitability, minimizing the gap between current and potential yields. He conducts research on the effects of diverse inputs on wheat yields under standard and intensive management as well as projects quantifying the genotype x management x environment interaction in wheat yields. Dr. Lollato is also researching the effects of wheat grazing on dual-purpose wheat production, looking at both varietal differences in forage production and timing of first hollow stem occurrence and wheat grain yield as affected by variety and production system (dual-purpose versus grain-only), among other applied research projects.

To register for the webinar: https://ksu.zoom.us/meeting/register/9680550a1333e52adc2040ba88984b7b.

Great Plains Grazing is made possible by a U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agriculture and Food Research Initiative-Coordinated Agricultural Project (USDA-AFRI-CAP) grant. Its webinar series aims to provide research-based information, and is targeted for producers and extension agents. Previous webinars are archived and available for viewing on the Great Plains Grazing website at www.greatplainsgrazing.org.