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September 27, 2016

Strengthening the Future of Kansas 4-H

Submitted by Diane Mack

As KSRE professionals, Extension Administration has challenged us to explore ways in which we can reach our program goals and meet future needs by obtaining additional external resources. All departments and Extension units are encouraged to develop funding strategies to achieve the following goals:

• Retain high quality programming and experiences that are making a difference for our clientele,
• Enhance and improve the reach of our relevant, high quality programming,
• Demonstrate high impact through critical evaluation,
• Utilize current and future technologies for educational delivery to reach target audiences.

In response to this challenge, the Department of Youth Development is exploring options to allow us to be able to fulfill our mission to offer a high quality 4-H program that meets the growing needs of Kansas families. To gather input we will:

• Host a break out session, Strengthening the Future of Kansas 4-H during Annual Conference in October,
• Distribute a survey instrument to capture thoughts and suggestions of agents and staff following Annual Conference,
• Lead a discussion, Financing the Future of 4-H, at Program Rally.

Dr. Buchholz has talked with the Executive Committee of the Kansas 4-H Foundation Board of Trustees and with the State Extension Advisory Council (SEAC) on the importance of maintaining and growing high quality 4-H programs and expanding the reach of 4-H through the 4-H Grows Here marketing campaign. Both groups have embraced the importance, including a vote of affirmation by SEAC, to pursue this need and further explore funding systems like programming fees to assure a strong, positive future for Kansas 4-H.

Please join us in the discussions at both Annual Conference and Program Rally and by participating in the survey. Together we can develop a sound, viable strategy to fund the future of Kansas 4-H.