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June 27, 2017

New and Improved Agent Evaluation Tool for Board Members: What's the Same and What's Different?

Submitted by Jennifer Wilson

On June 13 , Dr. Jim Lindquist announced that all local units would transition to a new and improved performance review process this fall. While we’re in the midst of camping and fair season, reporting and evaluation season is just around the corner, and you might be wondering about some of the specifics of the new process.

What’s The Same?
As in past years, agents will complete Action Plans, Impact Reports and Professional Development Plans in PEARS. Agents should consult with their local unit director or regional director about due dates for these items.

What’s Different?
Some changes were made to the evaluation process and tool in order to simplify the process and encourage greater board member participation. Those changes are outlined below:

Evaluation materials will not be available to board members through a link to the PEARS system this year. You will need to provide your local unit director or regional director hard copies or PDF copies of the impact reports and professional development plans. It is our goal to integrate the Qualtrics survey into PEARS in the future so that all materials will be compiled and available in one place.

The agent’s self-evaluation will be completed on paper and turned into the local unit director or regional director. The board will not receive a copy of the agent’s self-evaluation. During the pilot test last fall we learned that staff received more honest feedback from board members as a result of this change, and it did not adversely affect the outcome of the performance evaluations.

Agents will have the opportunity to share special accomplishments as well as information about leadership and citizenship to the organization through a one-page narrative. This document will be shared with board members.

Board members will provide their feedback for agents using a Qualtrics survey. Final touches are being put on the Qualtrics tool, and agents will receive a preview when it is complete.

Local unit directors or regional directors will share a summary of the evaluation results using a performance review narrative. The narrative will summarize things an agent is doing well and identify areas for continued improvement.

During the evaluation discussion, agents will work with their supervisor to identify professional goals for the coming year.

We hope this information answers many of your questions about the new evaluation process. Should you have additional questions, please email them to Laurie Chandler, lchandle@ksu.edu; or Jennifer Wilson, jrwilson@ksu.edu. We'll include frequently asked questions in upcoming Tuesday Letters.