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September 19, 2017

Master Community Facilitator Training Coming in 2018

Submitted by Trudy Rice

Facilitation is more than just a “soft skill” nice for leaders to have, but rather a core competency essential for achieving results in groups. From planning the meeting to engaging participants and managing problem behaviors these skills will make the teams you lead more productive and effective, and better stewards of peoples' most importance resource-their time.

Coming in 2018 K-State Research and Extension will roll out a Master Community Facilitator Curriculum and training targeted to community teams of volunteers and designed to be led by a K-State Research and Extension Local Unit Agent.

The concept of the flipped classroom will be used for the training, in that participants learn at home and then come together to practice their newly acquired skills before going out into the “real world.” The curriculum is built around the 5 Grand Challenges where an issue related to each one and several models of convening community groups will be introduced. It also includes skill building in working with adults and handling difficult situations.

Bruce Chladny, Wyandotte County Extension Agent, spent the past five months working with the K-State Research and Extension Community Vitality Unit (KSRE CV Unit) to begin to develop this comprehensive facilitation program. Bruce brought with him knowledge and skills related to master volunteer training and spent a great deal of time interviewing key stakeholders from communities and agencies across the state. Through these interviews he determined that there is indeed a need for this training and several partnerships are forming. Bruce will continue to work with our KSRE CV Unit .25 time advancing this project while spending the other .75 time as the Community Vitality Extension Agent with K-State Research and Extension-Wyandotte County.