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KSRE Tuesday Letter

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K-State Research and Extension
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October 10, 2017

Co-Wordmark Policy in Place as of October 1

Submitted by Amy Sollock


Thank you for marketing the Kansas 4-H program and strengthening our brand image. It is our goal to provide you with as many resources as possible to make your local 4-H promotional efforts as beneficial as they can be. Brands are about relationships: using the KSRE/4-H wordmark will help strengthen the impact of the 4-H program in Kansas.

As a reminder, a new policy began on October 1, 2017. The co-wordmark is now required on ALL 4-H marketing and publishing materials, including print, digital, apparel and merchandise. This requirement applies to all designs created at the local, county, district, regional, and state levels. For more details and clarification, please read the entire Co-Wordmark Policy found on our 4-H Promotional Resource page. Always showcase the relationship of 4-H to K-State Research and Extension, whether it is visually through logos and brand identity, or verbal and written references through television, radio, YouTube videos, press releases, etc.

Two frequently asked questions:
1. Do local, small town printers/t-shirt shops, need to be a licensed K-State vendor?

Yes. Please encourage your local vendors to contact Tami Breymeyer, Director of Licensing, at 785-532-6269. Her department is happy to work with small vendors to get them licensed. The licensing website can be a bit overwhelming to a small, local vendor. Have them call Tami and talk through the local K-State vendor process. A list of current promotional product licensees can be found here. Click on Promotional Products Licensees on the left.

2. Can local clubs and volunteers continue to purchase items from the National 4-H Mall if they don’t have our Co-Brand?

If it is something really unique or specific, or they are ordering one of something, then they can continue to purchase from them. But if they are purchasing large quantities of apparel and other merchandise, that could be made by someone local then we’d prefer they go that route because of the co-branding issue. Many times local vendors can produce very similar designs if you show them an example of what you’re wanting- that way you get the design you like but you can co-brand it properly. Again, we have no way of policing this, but within all reasonable effort, we’d like for all apparel and trinkets to have our co-brand on it.