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October 24, 2017

Radon Test Kits Increasing to $5.50 per Kit

Submitted by Brian Hanson

Beginning November 1, 2017, the price of the short-term radon test kits available to Kansas county Extension and Health Departments will be $5.50 per kit - up from $5. The price change is due to a change in provider: Alpha Energy Laboratories, based in Texas, will be the new state vendor for short-term radon test kits.

Alpha Energy's short-term radon test kits should be simpler for your clients’ use. The new kits have exposure periods of 2-4 days - down from the 3-7 day exposure previously required. The location of the laboratory in Texas also will decrease the time in transit and may reduce the number of kits which arrive too late to process. Additionally, the cost of analysis and return postage to send the kit back to Alpha Energy is included in the $5.50 per kit cost.

The Kansas Radon Program encourages you to use the new kit in order to familiarize yourself with the changes in the set up process.

Please contact the Kansas Radon Program with any questions at 785-532-4996 or bhanson@ksu.edu.

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