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January 8, 2019

Shout Out: Tim McDonnell

Submitted by Gregg Hadley

A few weeks ago something terrible happened. We had no nominations for a Shout Out. Since then, we have had numerous nominations. Keep them coming!

I am moving this one up this list, so for those on the list, feel free to shoot me. The reason I am moving this one up the list is that my father was a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician for SEVERAL decades. I have a soft spot for stories like these.

This Shout Out is from our Horticulture and Natural Resources Extension State Leader Jason Griffin and is directed to Tim McDonnell of the Kansas Forest Service at the John C Pair Horticultural Center.

At 3:00 p.m. on December 31, a John C. Pair Horticultural Center neighbor and part time employee called Jason’s mobile and told him his detached garage/shed was on fire. He had called 911 but knew Tim is a volunteer firefighter with Belle Plaine and hoped he might be able to help. Jason yelled to Tim, and he jumped in his truck and headed across the road. By the time Jason and the rest of the staff ran across the road to see if they could help, Tim had already extinguished the fire with the extinguisher he keeps in his truck. Because of Tim’s quick actions the damage to the structure was almost unnoticeable.

Jason added, “Here is a Shout Out to all state employees who possess a wide array of skills and are ready to help our neighbors when needed. Here is a special Shout Out to our Sedgwick County first responders who showed up within minutes of the 911 call. Finally, here is a special Shout Out to Tim for being a man who always responds when asked. K-State Family make Kansas a better place to live!”