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January 22, 2019

Extension Updates

Submitted by Deb McClain-Williams

Maintaining Good Lawns with Less Water, MF2068. Revised by Jared Hoyle. Did you know that about half of the water applied to lawns is wasted? This fact sheet offers tips on turfgrass selection, soil preparation, and maintenance practices to increase watering efficiency.

Food Safety for Kansas Farmers Market Vendors: Regulations and Best Practices 2019, MF3138. Revised by Londa Nwadike, in cooperation with the Kansas Department of Agriculture. Want to sell products from your garden at a farmer’s market? This guide to food safety can answer your questions about rules, permits, and best practices.

Shopping for an IRA, MF3211. Revised by Debra Wood. An IRA can be an important tool to help achieve a financially secure retirement. This guide explains how to evaluate different IRAs before investing. A worksheet is provided to help compare various IRA options. Revised for 2019.

Individual Retirement Accounts, MF3212. Revised by Debra Wood. This guide explains Traditional and Roth IRAs, and discusses who can contribute to an IRA, how to set one up, and how much can be contributed. It also explores the tax consequences of different IRAs at different income levels. Revised for 2019.

Food Labeling for Kansas Food Producers and Processors 2019, MF3385. Revised by Londa Nwadike. State and federal food labeling requirements can be confusing. This fact sheet clarifies regulations for the food products most commonly sold by Kansas food producers and processors.