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January 22, 2019

Shout Out to Extension Professionals Pursuing Graduate Degrees and Certificates

Submitted by Gregg Hadley

This week’s Shout Out is from Elaine Johannes. Elaine first extends her congratulations to both JoEllyn Argabright and Julie Taxson for completing their graduate degrees last semester. She further applauds all of her fellow Extension colleagues who are pursuing graduate degrees and certificates:

“I really respect these Extension professionals who serve their communities well, and who also demonstrate their commitment to education by taking online classes, completing challenging assignments, and defending capstone projects.”

Congratulations JoEllyn and Julie, and, to all of our colleagues who are furthering their education, thank you for your effort!

If you know of a colleague or colleagues who are deserving of a Shout Out, please send their name(s) and the reason why they are so deserving to ghadley@ksu.edu. We cannot guarantee we will get them in right away, but we will guarantee they will receive their Shout Out!


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