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February 18, 2020

Low-Cost High-Quality Professional Development Opportunity

Submitted by Nancy Daniels

One of the joys of working as an Extension agent is the opportunity to constantly improve our professional skills. Warren Bennis, the father of contemporary leadership studies, is quoted as saying, "Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple and it is also that difficult." To that end, a multi-disciplinary K-State Research and Extension team has provided Extension personnel the opportunity for low-cost professional development workshops at the Kansas Leadership Center. Your local budget will cover housing, meals and travel to the conference, but the registration is paid with the grant the team wrote. Last year 40 professionals, primarily local agents, attended. This year, we are opening it to Extension Specialists as well. The first 40 to register get the opportunity.

Use Code: KSRE2020 when you register at the links provided below. KLC requires the classes be taken in sequence. Lead For Change is no longer available; we filled our designated slots.
1) Your Leadership Edge: A 2-day introductory training to develop personal leadership skills and the confidence to lead. (Some slots in KC, MO)

2) Lead For Change: (No Longer Available in 2020) A 4-day deep dive into the KLC framework for individuals mobilizing others to deal with tough problems and change processes, regardless of your position.

3) Equip To Lead: Following Your Leadership Edge and Lead for Change experiences, complete your training with the final step on the path. In this 2-day program, learn to communicate, facilitate and incorporate core leadership ideas into your context so real change can happen.
--Your KLC Transformation Grant Team: Sharolyn Jackson, Diane Mack, Elly Sneath, Jennifer Wilson and Nancy Daniels