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September 8, 2020

K-State Provides Statewide Data on 2020 Winter Wheat Performance

Submitted by Mary Lou Peter

With the next winter wheat crop planting just days away, Kansas farmers can be armed with information about how different varieties fared across the state in the last growing season.

K-State Research and Extension has made available the 2020 results of its Winter Wheat Performance Tests for the crop harvested this summer, showing county by county yield, moisture, height, test weight and other data by the name of the wheat variety. The data also shows where certain diseases were a factor.

“Choosing the right variety is as vital to maximizing profit as optimizing field activities and equipment and agronomic inputs,” said Jane Lingenfelser, assistant agronomist and coordinator of the crop performance testing program.

Data from prior years is also available online.

“The Kansas wheat performance tests are designed to provide timely, unbiased, comparative yield information on commercially-available and soon-to-be-released cultivars that are adapted for Kansas,” Lingenfelser said. “We do our best to cover a range of management and environmental conditions across the state to assist producers in selecting the best product for their own growing conditions.”

An Agriculture Today radio interview with Lingenhelser on the topic is available online.

More information about the Kansas State University Department of Agronomy is available on its website or by calling 785-532-6101.