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December 7, 2021

Increase Your Office Capacity with Micro-Internships

Submitted by Nancy K Daniels


The Kansas Board of Regents and Kansas Department of Commerce are working with private funders to give Kansas college students paid remote-work experiences. Beginning this month, any Kansas business, nonprofit group, or entrepreneur can post their first micro-internship project worth up to $500 for free and with no paperwork! Check out this flyer for more information. 

The Kansas Micro-Internship Program has nearly 600 Kansas college students waiting to provide on-demand help with all kinds of short-term paid projects in areas such as marketing, sales, social media, IT, HR, research and many other areas.

Employers can register and post their micro-internship projects within minutes via this link. It’s quick, easy and effective. Employers also expand their talent pipeline of potential new hires at the same time. 

A great recent example of how a micro-internship can help lead to a full-time position is Emma Tibbetts, a KSU business major, who just landed a full-time job in Memphis after she graduates next spring- See Emma's LinkedIn post to see how excited she is. 

The next time someone in your office or community says, "We Should..." or "I shouldn't..." think "How could we make this into a 10-40 hour project for a skilled student?"   

This project will be the subject of the First Friday e-Call in October 2022.