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February 22, 2022

Hiring New Local Unit Employees – Obtaining an eID and Gaining Access to Email

Submitted by Mary N Gatza

When you hire a new local unit employee, there is a very specific process that needs done to obtain an eID/email and to make sure they are properly added to the system. (HRIS and KSRE Directory)

Below is a step by step process that local units need to follow when onboarding a new local unit employee. These steps can also be found on the Orientation Checklist for Local Unit Office Professionals and Program Assistants.

In the instance where you need them to have access to their email on their first day, you will need to have this process done before they start.

• The new employee needs to Register for an eID and complete an Employee Information Sheet.

• After the new employee obtains their eID they will go in and complete the form for a KSRE Account. When they go to this site they will type their K-State eID in the box and make sure that the Program Assistant or County/District Office Professional circle is marked, then click on continue. 

      • This form will be used to create the new employee’s KSRE account, giving them access to webmail and other K-State resources. It will also be used to get their K-State email address added to relevant listservs.

• You, as the new employee’s supervisor, need to notify your regional office professional of the new hire. You will need the following information for the notification about the new employee:

      • Name
      • Start Date
      • Position Title
      • EID/email
      • Whether or not this employee will need financial operations permissions. (Will this person need access to KSRE online financial documents?)
  • The email to the correct regional office professional is very important in order for us to get your new Local Unit employee on the correct email listservs. The following are the office professionals for each region.

All steps are mandatory to ensure a smooth onboarding of your local unit employees. Please contact me if you have any questions about this process at marygatza@ksu.edu or 785-532-3076.