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March 7, 2023

Taking a Look at the Excellence in Board Leadership Assessment Results

Submitted by Laurie Chandler

Thank you to all the local unit directors and agents who encouraged your boards to complete the Excellence in Board Leadership Assessment.

This year we had 58 of 67 local units complete the assessment -- an impressive 87% return rate! I hope that you found the results from the assessment helpful in identifying areas where your board and staff excelled, and in areas that you want to improve upon in the next year.

A little history: The Excellence in Board Leadership Assessment was introduced at the partnership meetings in January 2011. The State Extension Advisory Council (SEAC) partnered with K-State Research and Extension to develop a tool designed to support local boards in leadership and development. Today, the assessment includes 46 indicators considered to be best management practices for extension boards.

Each year, the information from the assessment is compiled into regional and state summaries and reviewed by the extension administration team to determine what resources need to be developed or enhanced to support local boards. 

So, how did we do? Here are the average scores for each of the categories:

  • Board Development - 73%
  • Management - 91%
  • Public Relations - 75%
  • Program - 53%
  • Personnel - 79%
  • Budget - 91%
  • Volunteer Leadership - 81%

One of the categories we would like to see improvement on in the next year is Programs which received the lowest average score. Take a look at the indicators in that section and set a goal to work on improving at least one of the six indicators in that section.

If you haven’t used the Excellence in Board Leadership Assessment before, take a look and share with your board members at the February or March board meeting and select 1-2 items to work on in 2023.