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May 7, 2024

Rise to the Challenge: Applied Learning Experiences

Submitted by Rick Peterson

In the May 1 issue of K-State Today, Mary Tolar, Dean of the Staley School of Leadership Studies, provided an update on the next steps toward Kansas State University's Next-Gen strategic plan in relation to applied learning.

Kansas State’s definition of applied learning is:

An educational approach that involves an ongoing cycle of purposeful experience, intentional observation, and critical reflection. Students apply knowledge and skills gained from academic learning to practical settings, projects, research experiences, and creative activities. The learner develops new understanding and then applies it to new situations.

K-State Research and Extension has always been on the forefront of applied learning. Our educational programs across the system enable the learner to develop new understanding and apply it to their situation to improve their lives, community or production practices.

In Dr. Tolar’s letter, she identified a critical next step, which is to identify applied learning experiences that students could take advantage of during their time at K-State. The goal is to build an inventory of applied learning experiences and build a scalable framework of offerings for students to take advantage of.

I would ask each of you to start thinking about how we can identify and build a set of applied learning opportunities to offer to students throughout our entire system from youth development, family and consumer sciences, health, community vitality, agriculture and natural resources.

Think of the possibilities for students to engage with us to learn and apply new knowledge and skills through our workshops, field days, programming, internships, microcredentials and applied research.

Let’s rise to the challenge and embrace the opportunity to help achieve the Next-Gen K-State Applied Learning Imperative.

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