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June 30, 2015

Web Site Moves – It’s July 1st, Now What?

Submitted by Joe Lear

Now that July 1 is here, what happens now? If you’ve already moved or have notified Julie Fosberg, jfosberg@k-state.edu, that your site is ready to publish in the K-State CMS, you’re ready to go and your site will be switched as Julie makes all the final checks for your site and readies it for publication.

If you haven’t notified Julie yet, and have some of your site ready to go, you can go ahead and request that your site be published in the K-State CMS and continue to work on your site. To be able to access the material from the KSRE CMS after the web site has moved to the K-State CMS, you can request a copy of the KSRE CMS site be created that can be opened on your local computer. This will contain all the images and most of the documents that would have been available on the KSRE CMS site. To request a copy of your site, email Julie, jfosberg@k-state.edu; Anthony Phillips, anthony@k-state.edu; or Joe Lear, learj@ksu.edu.

If we haven’t received notification from your area or local unit that your site is ready to publish by July 15, we will create a copy of your site from the KSRE CMS and establish a one-page site for your office with basic contact information and links back to the main KSRE and 4-H web sites. You’ll not lose any work you’ve done in the K-State CMS and you’ll be able to continue to work on the site and make it ready for publication as the switch over continues.

We would recommend that if you have the main page and several other pages created in the K-State CMS for your office, you proceed with publication and continue to work on the site. We believe this would be better for the office than a basic page with no local information.

If you have specific questions about the move to the K-State CMS, please contact Julie Fosberg, jfosberg@k-state.edu; Gary Kepka, gkepka@ksu.edu; David Dunn, dedunn@ksu.edu; or Steve Spencer, sspencer@ksu.edu.

We appreciate the effort everyone has made to move or begin to move their web sites to the K-State CMS. Keep up the good work. We know all the offices have very busy schedules this time of year and dedicating time to this project has been greatly appreciated.