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November 8, 2016

January 1 Deadline to Submit Board Leadership Assessment and Modules Year-End Summary

Submitted by Laurie Chandler

Between now and January 1, local extension boards are encouraged to review and complete the Excellence in Board Leadership Assessment and Board Leadership Module Year-End Summary.

The Excellence in Board Leadership assessment is a tool to guide boards in developing their leadership skills. At the beginning of the year, boards set goals based on best practices to guide their work. Throughout the year boards review their goals, complete the self-assessment and submit the document to our office by January 1. Boards that achieve a standard for 2016 will be recognized for their accomplishments at the 2017 Partnership Meetings.

The Board Leadership Modules Year-End Summary is another tool to plan which modules to complete throughout the year. Modules may be used during regular meetings or as independent study reinforced with a brief discussion at a board meeting. At the end of the year, the checklist is completed and submitted to our office by January 1.

Completed assessments should be sent by January 1 to Laurie Chandler, 104 Umberger, 1612 Claflin, Manhattan, KS 66506, lchandle@ksu.edu.

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