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January 24, 2017

New Print Newsletter Template - Feedback Needed

Submitted by Megan Macy

We are happy to announce new print newsletter templates! Last year we introduced a branded e-newsletter template, but still received feedback for the need for printed newsletters. We updated and streamlined the design of these newsletters to meet our new branding guidelines and bring consistency to our newsletters. Additionally, we were able to create a design that allows us to pre-print templates without local information – meaning one county or district does not need to print thousands to receive a discount. Whether you need 50 or 5,000 the cost per sheet will be the same.

One thing we do need from those that use the templates or hope to in the future – what program would be most helpful for the template to be in to insert your content?

Microsoft Word
Word Publishing

Click here to cast your vote. Votes will be counted January 31. Please note, we will only be creating a template in the program with the most votes.

Also, if you have recently ordered print newsletters, do not panic. University Printing has been involved in this process and printed no more than a year’s worth of templates. Once your current stock runs out, you will be able to order the new template. You will not be required to throw away your current inventory and order more.

Thank you for your feedback!