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January 24, 2017

PDC Excellence Assessment: A Tool You Can Use

Submitted by Linda Beech

PDC Resources

How can you help PDC members understand their role at the beginning of the year, set goals for their committee during the year and evaluate their effectiveness at the end of the year? The PDC Resources website contains a wide variety of helpful resources, but the PDC Excellence Assessment tackles all these tasks on one page.

The PDC Excellence Assessment is a list of ten characteristics of a high-functioning program development committee. When used as a baseline "pre-test" at the beginning of the program year, the tool helps PDC members recognize their existing strengths and identify gaps to work on. Members can complete the Assessment at the end of the year to evaluate progress toward those goals and measure accomplishments against the KSRE standard of excellence.

Give this tool a try to strengthen your PDCs. It's voluntary, easy to use and waiting for you at the PDC Resources website.