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KSRE Tuesday Letter

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May 16, 2017


Submitted by Amy Sollock

Help us #ShareattheFair! Encourage your 4-H members, parents, volunteers, alumni, etc., to use the #ShareattheFair this summer! Ask them to snap photos around the fair and utilize the hashtag. Also, identify a couple of “active social media moms” who are known for sharing photos of their kids at the fair and reach out directly to them, letting them know what hashtag to use! Please include the following in your upcoming newsletters, listservs, etc.:


County fair season is just around the corner and the Kansas State Fair will be here before you know it! Join us and others around the nation, promoting 4-H through fair season by using and encouraging our 4-H families to use #ShareattheFair when posting fair photos on social media (i.e., Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.).

Another great opportunity to engage in the conversation - encourage alumni in your community to use #ShareattheFair to share photos of their fair experiences “back in the day.” What a great way for alumni to take a walk down memory lane and share how 4-H has impacted them.

Hashtags allow us to unify across the state and nation and allow us to join the larger conversation. But, to be effective, hashtags have to be used and used consistently. Help us in this effort! We are asking all 4-H members, parents, volunteers and 4-H alumni to use #ShareattheFair in addition to #4HGrowsHere and #KS4H.