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May 30, 2017

College Students, Money, and Student Loans

Submitted by Elizabeth Kiss

It may be summer but it is the time for incoming college students as well as returning students to think about and plan for how they will pay for next fall's classes! As we know, most of them will use student loans for some or all of the cost. Members of the eXtension Financial Security for All community have created resources and a campaign related to student loans specifically and college students and money in general.

First, a series of peer reviewed fact sheets written by members of the Financial Security for All community of practice are available at http://articles.extension.org/pages/72895/student-loans. The fact sheets are outputs of a multi-state project, NC2172: "Behavioral economics and financial decision-making and information management across the lifespan." If you'd like to learn more about the fact sheets, take a look at the webinar recording at https://youtu.be/WUtgD-YSeIQ.

Second, Family Resource Management specialists in the North Central region have been working together with a focus on helping college students and recent grads more easily navigate the student loan process. One of those projects is a video contest for college students 18 years and older. It is open to college students in all states. Details are at http://articles.extension.org/pages/74446/collegemoneysmart-video-contest. Please help us to share information about this #CollegeMoneySmart #contest in your area and on social media! The deadline to enter is July 15, 2017.

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