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January 30, 2018

Happy Kansas Day!

Submitted by Gregg Hadley

Monday, January 29, was Kansas Day. On that day 157 years ago, Kansas became the 34th state of the United States.

Of course, our state’s motto is “Ad astra per aspera,” which means “To the stars through difficulties.” It is an homage to the fact that no matter what difficulties our state has gone and will go through, the nature of Kansans will be to continue to shoot for the stars by, to borrow from another familiar motto, making the best better.

This year we faced many difficulties; retirements, turnover, and the callback just to name a few. Nevertheless, just like our state motto suggests, we are still looking for ways to improve our K-State Research and Extension system and our ability to serve and educate the public. Evidence of making the best better was displayed in how many volunteers, Extension professionals and the general public showed up at the Listening Sessions to discuss issues and concerns about Extension. Further evidence of this was displayed last week at the Partnership Meetings, as Extension Council members, administrators, agents and specialists gathered to develop and discuss action steps to address some of those most pressing issues suggested during the Listening Sessions. I know it will also be on display this week, as we gather in Garden City and Hays for the western Partnership Meetings.

Yes, we, just like our state, have had some difficulties. With our system of Extension Council members, volunteers and Extension professionals who are as dedicated to and passionate about our educational mission, I am also confident that we, like our state, will come through these difficulties stronger and better than we ever have been!

Happy Kansas Day and, remember, “Ad astra per aspera!"