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October 30, 2018

Kansas 4-H Horse Volunteer of the Year

Submitted by Pam Van Horn

All across Kansas there are 4-H Horse Volunteers that are making a difference in the lives of 4-H members. Now, is the chance to honor those volunteers for their dedication and commitment to youth by nominating them for the Kansas 4-H Horse Volunteer! The application information can be found on the Kansas 4-H website on the Horse page. Below are the criteria for submitting. Don’t delay!

The selection criteria includes:
• Positive impact the nominee has had on 4-H and the 4-H members.
• Nominee’s ability to work with young people within the horse project that assist with promoting life skills of fostering a positive self-concept, creating a concern for the community, learning decision-making skills, acquiring interpersonal abilities and developing an inquiring mind.
• Innovative approaches for engaging youth into learning and increasing diversity among the participants.
• Adult/youth “mentor-learner” relationships built with volunteer and 4-H member.
• Dedication to creating a safe and inclusive environment for 4-H members, parents.
• Encouragement of positive, cooperative working relationship with Extension Agents; promoting K-State Research and Extension; and following 4-H Policies.
• Enthusiasm for initiating new approaches for reaching youth.
• Recruitment of new members.
• Expansion of project through increased funding and resources.
• Role-modeling positive volunteerism and sportsmanship.
• Personal development through serving as a 4-H volunteer.

The application:
• A two-page resume which includes the volunteer’s passion for planning, organizing and facilitating project meetings and hands-on trainings; how they serve as a positive role model for youth and adults; and contribute back to the 4-H program.
• Three letters of recommendation from: a 4-H member, 4-H volunteer and an Extension agent.
• Any part of the resume and letter of recommendation is missing, the application will be disqualified.

Submission process:
• Application materials must be submitted by a nominator to the nominee’s local Extension office. Each local county/district office my select one nominee per number of counties represented in the district to continue towards state competition.
• Each completed application (two-paged resume and three letters of recommendation) must be submitted to Pam Van Horn at the State 4-H Office by 11:59 p.m., November 30.
• Letters should be no longer than two pages in length, in 12-point font single-spaced with 1-inch margins. Letters of recommendation must be written by a 4-H member, a volunteer/parent and an Extension agent. Nominations must be received electronically to the Kansas State Research and Extension’s Department of 4-H Youth Development directly to Pam Van Horn at pvanhorn@ksu.edu.
• Electronically submitted application must be received by 11:59 p.m., November 30.
• Two-paged resume and the three letters of recommendation must be in Word format. If applications are sent in PDF file, faxed or mailed nomination will be disqualified.
• Application must be in 12-point font.
• No late nominations accepted.

• State Winner will be informed of results in December.
• Formal announcement of Kansas 4-H Horse Volunteer will be at the Kansas 4-H Horse Panorama the last weekend in January.
• The winner will receive a personalized plaque and $100 cash award to be donated to a local 4-H club, event or activity of winner’s choice.