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February 4, 2020

Risk and Crisis Management Planning

Submitted by Jennifer R Wilson

The recent helicopter crash that killed Kobi Bryant is a stark reminder that accidents happen when we least expect them. In a people-based organization such as KSRE we take on a lot of responsibilities for the safety of others at events and activities, and risk management should always be a part of our planning efforts.

Each unit is encouraged to use the KSRE Crisis Management Planning Guide. The guide is designed to outline a chain of command in the event that a major incident does occur, and act as a guide to crisis communication. Each local unit office is encouraged to complete a copy of the form. Take a photo of it to store on your phone and put the phone numbers of key personnel in your contacts.

Insurance is another way to protect ourselves from risk. The KSRE Insurance Checklist helps local units determine what kind of coverage may be appropriate. You're encouraged to review the risk management information with your local board annually.